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ArkWorld is an anime style, multi-player persistent universe game set in the early decades of interstellar travel

This project is about the design and development of an anime style, multiplayer persistent universe game platform set in the early decades of interstellar travel and gives the player the opportunity to command a small team to a fleet of capital ships.

The game universe is designed to be flexible to allow users and players to create their own customized structures, ship and character designs based on system defined components. The main differentiator of the platform is full player customization of the visible elements from character to ship models using a mix of in-game build components and user models either custom made, downloaded or 3D scanned. The system supports mods as part of the core features and encouraged to supplement the built-in designs.



The system is composed of two major components, the universe server that manages the state of items in the gameplay universe and distributes updates to the various player client applications. The plan is to support multiple versions of the player app to provide both a connected experience and offline gameplay.

The target platforms are PC, console and tabel to support main gameplay and mobile apps for notification and status viewing. Stretch goals include releasing on VR headsets and potentially get included in AR/Mixed Reality SDK early access.



The game is set in a generational Ark, one of thousands in an emergency launch before the fall of the home star system. Fleet command and control were lost before a coordinated jump can be executed throwing each ship on different paths in jump space to the unknown, uncertain where or when it will emerge.

An Ark emerged in uncharted space without contact from other ships. The current system does not align with any known stellear configurations and without means to find out how much time the Ark spent in jump space. It could be years or centuries since other Arks have emerged, are there new established colonies? Are they hope for a future or have diverge and now a threat to our own existence? The only choice left is to find a new system to call home, find other Arks and ensure we are able to defend if needed.






The project has lofty goals, and while we’re aiming high we want to complete the game and tell its story. Multiple features and capabilities are planned along with a backdrop storyline. The plan is to complete and release small game components are early as possible to players and modders.

The project is split into multiple acts and we release each act on completion; following the progression of the player in the game story while supporting the continuing development of various components leading up to the multiplayer universe.

We start with Act-1 as a stand-alone exploration and survival game that uses the elements and mechanics of the gameplay world. Act-2 extends the player capabilities and commands a fleet through defined missions. Our end-goal is Act-3 which supports multi-player interaction in our persisted universe.


The Game Universe
“Project: ArkWorld”

Act 1

Academy of Military Science and Tactics

Act 1 introduces the gameplay universe, set months after the Ark’s return to normal space and the need to train the next generation to look for resources, establish outposts and defend the Ark.


The player in in charge of new team from Academy training to be part of expeditionary forces to find resources for the Ark and establish home system


The game starts with training missions to understand the player controls. The objective is to gain skill points and qualifications to control more powerful combat units and customize the player assigned starship.


The system is primarily designed around 3D based gameplay and the player interface varies across the different client platforms. Multi-touch, Mouse and Dual-Stick controllers setups are used for typical tablet, console and PC platforms.

Augmented and Mixed Reality systems are setup with combination of controls to utilize the newer interface setups such as Gaze and Hand Tracking.


Act 2

Fleet Command

Take command of a fleet to further explore and defend. Establish outposts and mining facilities to support the Ark, build additional weapon systems and ships to enhance fleet.


Act 3

Ark Actual

Assume command of the Ark and expand the star system



The target gameplay environment is an anime style world with realistic proportions for the structures, ships and vehicles. The character avatars are available in Anime and Chibi forms.